Native Apps Vs Hybrid Apps

Are you confused between Native Apps and Hybrid Apps?

The answer lies in your requirements: Features, Targeted Audience, Budget, and Performance.

What is your budget for Mobile App Project?

If you have a limited budget and looking for both android and iOS app then Hybrid is suitable for you. A single developer can work on both Android and iOS App and the logical portion of the code will be common.

For Native App, Two different developers will be needed for Android and iOS. If you found a genius who can code for both apps then he needs double time and cost you double.

What is your target audience?

If you are targeting only Android or only iPhone users, Then Go for a native app.

97% smart phone users in India,Kenya are using Android. But this ratio change in USA and UK and more than 50% users hae iPhone.

Features and Funcationalities

If you are planning a mobile app for a small business where main features are displaying information, services, products, etc. Then you can go for Native or Hybrid Apps.

But if you are planning something unique with special features like Video Editor, Image Editor, Live Streaming, Offline data processing, Baking related, Map Clustering Then go for a native app only.


Native Apps always perform better as compare to hybrid apps. Hybrid Apps using Web technologies so it takes extra time in loading and rendering. Google developers are working hard to improve Flutter and trying to match the level of native apps.


I will you recommend Native apps over Hybrid Apps. If you want better performance and great user experience then go for Native App. If you are having a shortage of budget then check our profit-sharing scheme.