How much Mobile App costs?

“I want a Mobile app for My business / Idea. How much it will cost? “

This is a common question from all the clients. My answer is Time is Money. The cost of development will be calculated by the time spent by designers and developers on your project.

Mobile App Development Cost Calculator

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Some Examples

Small Business App
Map Based App
Chatting App
Dating Or Social Media App
Online Appointment Booking
Ecommerce Platform
Education App
Jobs Portal App
Health a& Fitness App
Taxi App
Accounting App
News App
Internet of Things
Music Player
Subscription Based App
Crypto Currency Based

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Technical Terms

Push Notification
Payment Gateway Integration
QR Code
Geo Fencing
Live Streaming
Mobile Wallet
SMS Gateway
Offline Data Processing Web Admin
Promotional Website
Monthly Maintainance
App Developer Account
App Promotion