Development Process

Most popular software development method is Agile / Scrum project management. It’s very different from traditional waterfall model. Every project has some loopholes in initial requirements. We welcome every change during the development process and follow the Scrum methodology. We share project status for website every day and Mobile App build twice a week and client call regularly.

Scrum Master Hire Us
Agile and Scrum

How do we Works?

We prefer to invite the product owner for daily meetings about the requirements, scope, and progress of the project. So that the developer can suggest new features and their experience directly with the client. In Scrum Software Development Method, we decide sprints and product backlog for the project. A sprint is a short term module of the project in order to deliver some increment in the project.

In daily scrum meeting of 15 minutes before development and ask 3 questions to each Scrum Team member.

  • what did he do yesterday?
  • What will he do today?
  • Is there any issue?

If there is any issue, the Scrum Master will come up with some solution.

Daily Scrum by Sandy Chahal

Additional Services

Get Quotation Project Planning
  • Time & Cost Estimate
  • Feasiblity Analysis
  • Scope and Compitetion Analysis
  • Risk Management
Documentation Documents
  • Website Audit
  • Relase and Publishing Document
  • Coding Standards and Commenting
  • NDA, BRS, SAW, etc
Quality Assurance Testing
  • UI / UX testing
  • Logics & Security Testing
  • Load Testing