Affordable IoT

Before going in detail about my idea, lets have a brief about IoT.

What is Internet of Things (IoT) ?

Controlling all the electronic equipment with the help of internet from anywhere at any time. Let explain with a simple example. My office open at 10:00 AM and it takes 15 minutes to start all the systems. So actual work begin at 10:15AM . If i have control of all the systems in my phone then i can give command at 9:45 AM to start the system. I will reach office and  work will start.

Same way you can control AC, TV,Water Heater, Lights etc using Internet connectivity in the devices and your phone or computer.

Controlling such device without Internet is also possible but from small devices like 10 meters only.

Why IoT is not widely used ?

Some companies have advanced level products that support IoT and comes with mobile application to control. But cost is too high for average buyer. Availability in local market and knowledge about this advanced technology is also reason for slow growth of IoT.

My Plan : Affordable IoT

I want to start with small devices and low cost products to generate awareness about IoT at large scale. I will not customize products in initial phase. I will control supply to the products from mobile app.
Simply turn ON and OFF option for AC, TV, Refrigerator , Water Heater, Lights, Fan, etc from mobile app in one touch. In next level, I will control temperature of AC/Heater, Speed of Fan,  TV channels and volume, light colors.

What is progress so far ?

Spent less then INR 5000 for hardware and working on coding part using manuals and tutorials. I will show video demonstration of product on YouTube next month.