Presentation on IoT

Affordable IoT

Before going in detail about my idea, lets have a brief about IoT.

What is Internet of Things (IoT) ?

Controlling all the electronic equipment with the help of internet from anywhere at any time. Let explain with a simple example. My office open at 10:00 AM and it takes 15 minutes to start all the systems. So actual work begin at 10:15AM . If i have control of all the systems in my phone then i can give command at 9:45 AM to start the system. I will reach office and  work will start.

Same way you can control AC, TV,Water Heater, Lights etc using Internet connectivity in the devices and your phone or computer.

Controlling such device without Internet is also possible but from small devices like 10 meters only.

Why IoT is not widely used ?

Some companies have advanced level products that support IoT and comes with mobile application to control. But cost is too high for average buyer. Availability in local market and knowledge about this advanced technology is also reason for slow growth of IoT.

My Plan : Affordable IoT

I want to start with small devices and low cost products to generate awareness about IoT at large scale. I will not customize products in initial phase. I will control supply to the products from mobile app.
Simply turn ON and OFF option for AC, TV, Refrigerator , Water Heater, Lights, Fan, etc from mobile app in one touch. In next level, I will control temperature of AC/Heater, Speed of Fan,  TV channels and volume, light colors.

What is progress so far ?

Spent less then INR 5000 for hardware and working on coding part using manuals and tutorials. I will show video demonstration of product on YouTube next month.

30 Days Gym Challenge

30 Days Gym Challenge
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Chat Chandigarh – Local Social Network


I live in Chandigarh and there is website or mobile app where i can interact with other Chandigarh users. Some dating apps offer this feature to find nearby user. But there is no platform for regular post about any events, shopping deals, idea or user can express own views about local issues.

So here comes the idea Chat Chandigarh App and Website.



I invested 50,000 on mobile app and website including domain, hosting, publisher account. Also spent 4000 on promotion of app.


Business Plan

I will earn from Google Admobs and I will sell ads banners for business and events in Chandigarh. website by sandy chahal

Top5 Organizations in India

What is about ?

Its a business listing site where you can register your business for free and get customers from 40,000 cities from India. If you are providing services in small area / single city then Free listing is option for you. If your provide service in PAN India or multiple cities then go for Paid Listing.  We have daily 2000 visitors on website. Your business information will provided to them based on requirement. If user is interested then, they can directly contact you or Fill up a small inquiry form and ask for help to select the best service provider.


Why did i developed this site ?

I developed websites for 5 different clients in Packers and Movers Business. All of them want maximum visitors and inquiry through their websites with small budget. I come up with a plan to provide them paid leads like Sulekha , JustDial and Other sites.


Team Members

I developed this website 15 days along with On-Page SEO. Then my brother Mandeep worked for 1 month on Off Page SEO.  After some time, Mandeep shifted Marketing and Fund Collection. We hired SEO Executive Jassi Kaur and Rajesh Kumar for Part Time.


Expenses and Income

Rs. 5000 for Purchased Domain and Hosting,  Rs. 2000 for Google Adwords , Salaries about Rs. 72,000 in first year.
We charged Rs. 2500 from each client every month = 5 X 2500 X 12 = Rs. 1,50,000

Scope , Future Planning

We have already added SMS gateway to the website. Now planning to add Payment Gateway.  We are adding more categories and locations to website every month. Also contacting more businesses to register.

We are planning to expand this business with mobile app and call center setup. If you want job in , feel free to contact me on [email protected]

My First Blog Post

I have developed so many websites in WordPress but never considered as blog. So far, i used WordPress as user friendly website building. The very first question i ask to any client before website project is

Do you want static website or Dynamic ?

Most of the client wants Dynamic website and full control on content  of website. I explain them about wordpress. 90% of clients are agreed for WordPress website. Rest of the 10% client go for static website or customized PHP website.

My personal website is using HTML for static content like About me, Work History, Projects etc. For regular updates, I created this blog. I will write about my Projects, Ideas, Events,Tips and Tutorials.


Note : If you have any suggestion or willing to write guest posts on this blog, feel free to contact me on [email protected]